Halloween- Glow Red Pupil

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Glow Red Pupil

Default glow in the dark red is shipped if no other colour is specified.

All the halloween eyes can be changed, I will do any alchemy, goetia or any other symbols. They can be done with a metallic background in most any colours, the can also be done in any glow in the dark colours for special requests contact me here: contact us!

Price: $15.00 (by pair)

Sizes: 8mm – 22mm

Base Color Options: White, Black, Silver, Gold or Copper

(for a colored base, please add $2, white bases are free.)

Eyes are acrylic, half round with hollow back. They are not bakeable.


NEW!!! We are now selling tiny UV light chargers now, these chargers are safe to charge the eyes with UV light inside the dolls head (be sure not to put the light on the resin, only the eyes!)

It speeds up the process and you can re-charge up eyes more quickly between photos :) ($3.50 a charger and they fit on a key chain!)

You can put the light as close to the eyes as you want, keep the light on the eye for about 2-3 minutes for a nice strong glow ^__^


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White Base – $15.00

Size :
Colored Base – $17.00

Base :
Size :
Mini UV Charger – $3.50

Size :

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